JY-21AH JY-21BH Electric Oiling Pump


1. Set : Press SET/STAR key to make the setting lamp on and then star to set the lubricating time and intermittent time. After setting, press SET/STAR key again to starrunning.

2. Instant oil feed : Press INSTANT key for instant oil feed. After pressing the key, it will instantly feed oil and start timing no matter it’s under lubricating or intermittentstate.

3. Pause/Start : Press set/start key to pause or startaction.

4.The level control in the oil tank can sound the alarm and stop running to remind the operator to refill oil when oil isn’t enough.

5.The pressure adjusting valve and pressure gauge can adjust your required pressure to precisely feed oil.

6.The transparent oil tank is easy for you to check the oil quantity and if there is dirt or impurities in the tank.

Model Oil Tank’s Volume Delivery Rate Discharged Pressure Voltage Current Motor
JY-21AH 4L (8,20) 300cc/min 0-15kg/cm² 110V 1.25A 91W
JY-21BH 4L (8,20) 300cc/min 0-15kg/cm² 220V 0.35A  75W