JY-21B JY-21BT Electric Oiling Pump


1.The machine with the good connection of pump and motor can keep excellent oil feed under the long-time oil feedstate.

2.We have auto-alarm in tank, when lubricant reaches control-limited, and it can connect with control boxas customer ’sneed.

3.The pressure adjusting valve and pressure gauge can make you precisely adjust your required pressure at 0- 15kg/cm2 .

4.This pump is equipped with Auto Oil Feed key which can instantly deliver the lubricating oil to every oil feedpoints.

5.The transparent oil tank is easy for you to check the oil quantity and if there is dirt or impurities in the tank.

Model Oil Tank’s Volume Discharged Capacity Discharged Pressure Current Voltage Motor
JY-21B 4L (8,20) 300cc/min 0-15kg/cm² 1.09A. 110V 65W
0.55A. 220V (單相) 80W
JY-21BT 4L (8,20) 300cc/min 0-15kg/cm² 1.09A 110V 65W
0.55A. 220V (單相) 80W