Manual Grease Pump


1.Employing single pipe in execution, unnecessary the provision of return pipes, will excellent results with provided piping networks.

2.Use the oil lubricating grease level of 0# or00#.

Advantages of Lubrication with Grease

1.Permitting pipingof low cost because of the execution of lubrication being simpler than oil lubrication or otherwise lubrication treatments.

2.Permitting an oil feeding that is just right in respect of amount because of smoother connection between the lubrication surfaces, thereby preventing leakage of redundant or surfeit of oil feed that would otherwise contamination theground.

3. Lesser entrainmentofdusts orforeign materialstothe oil feeding inlet.

Model Output Max.Pressure EffectiveCapacity Output ø Point
WLG-D5 0.7 cc/ST 100 Kg/cm² 300cc 6 ø 2
WLG-7 2 cc/ST 100 Kg/cm² 800cc 6 ø 2

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