JY-19CR JY-19CR-4 Pressure Release Type Electric Oiling Pump


1.We have auto-alarm in tank, when lubricant reaches control-limited, and it can connect with control box as customer’sneed.

2.Between 0~15kg/cm², pressure and pump can accurate to adjust as customer’sneed.

3.At the firstuse, pleasepress “INSTANT”button tomake oil pope be filled with the lubricatingoil.

4.Please check the fuel filter and oil tank periodically to proving the life of themachine.

5.This model has pressure release device and minimal oil feeding pressure is 10kg/cm2 .

6.This model has pressure sensor to check pressure.

Model Oil Tank’s Volume Discharged Capacity Discharged Pressure

Lubricating Time

Intermittent Time

Motor Voltage
JY-19CR 4L (8,20) 180cc/min 0-15kg/cm² 1-60 sec 1-60 min 1.09A. 110V
0.55A. 220V (單相)
JY-19CR-4 4L (8,20) 180cc/min 0-15kg/cm² 1-60 sec 1-60 min 1.09A 110V
0.55A. 220V (單相)