Electric Grease Pump


1. Use the oil lubricating grease level of 0# or 00#.

2.The use of one-way motor running, can also install time controller, to save manpower and time, and to ensurethat themachine's lubricatingeffect.

3.Lubricants complementary approaches, opened the lid and remove the vacuum pressure plate fromtopofthe barrel,added thelubricatingoil, or use the gun barrel added the lubricating oil from the bottom.

4.Maintain vacuum pressure plate clean, avoid stains and grime, causing oiler damage and effect oilerlubrication.

Model Outletcc/st Pressure Out ø Capacity Motor Voltage Ampere Remark
WLMG-7 8/9.5cc 130 Kg/cm² 1/8” PT 1,000cc 25W 110V / 220V 0.2A  

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